CSHOT :: Artist : Visionary : Founder of Forever Fly. Published photographer. Co-Founder/VP of @HouseOfArtAtl.

Creative Director of ✖ Privé Apparel ✖ ..creator of Shotta Muzik, Forever Fly The Album and the album turned intro trending topic, now a way of life #SmokeOutSundays.

Do you make music?


Do you spell CSHOT like this (C-Shot) ?

NO! CSHOT (no dashes, no spaces) Due to the rising popularity of my artistry there are many copy cats. Some so much that RIAA is removing their work for identity impersonation from the US all the way to Colombia. It is deplorable, unacceptable and they will be reprimanded for their actions! CSHOT is the founder of Forever Fly accept no substitutes or fakes.

Is CSHOT available for booking?

Of course! CSHOT is an international Hip Hop/Reggae recording artist, shows are booked by email :



Contact @HouseOfArtAtl Studios for Graphic Design or Photography studio booking with the House Of Art staff photographers or CSHOT.